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My Favorite Ride around Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji is prettier when covered with snow.


I wish I could keep that Japanese license plate.  They didn't let me.


With Aikawa-san, a riding buddy.


With Nagano-san, another riding buddy from Hachioji.


Can't have enough pictures of my Wing :)


Speed limit on this nice divided highway is... 43.75 mph/70kmph!


At a high altitude near Mt. Fuji.  The white stuff in the back is clouds.


Rice being harvested and dried.


Rice-burner in front of rice paddy where rice seedlings are being planted.

Onsen Break in Okutama Area!

Ahh, it doesn't  get any better than this!


This is a co-ed Onsen, by the way.


Mountains!  Twisties!


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